Friday, January 18, 2008



Testing, testing, 1...2...3...Is this thing on?

Greetings from the 400 level of the Baltimore Convention Center, where I am quite pleased to debut the humble little endeavor that is Caught in Possession on the eve of the 2008 MLS SuperDraft.

Just a few hundred feet away from my location in the dim rabbit warren that is the media work center, one of the league's PR minions just got finished testing the ballroom's audio system with a stream of gibberish not all that different from the first line of this post. Fan groups are already chanting, league and club PR muckety-mucks are everywhere, and you could say I'm surrounded by a who's-who of U.S. soccer media: Steve Davis, Ives Galarcep, Steve Goff, Chris Connolly, Frank Giase, Michael Lewis...just to name a few.

This is my first-ever attempt at blogging and I fully expect to hit quite a few bumps in the road as I learn on the job. Yet I feel confident that I can offer you, the proverbial reader, some useful info and interesting perspectives on our rich local soccer scene and, occasionally, the wider footie world.

The soccer blogosphere in this country has exploded in recent years, and many would contend, with some justification, that adding yet another site to that crowded world is an exercise in futility. But I'll do my best to keep it interesting and minimize the blowhard-edness, if that makes any sense...and I promise to never, ever post in my pajamas. As far as you know.

I'll post a lot more about myself and the background of this blog in the coming days, but for now I'll focus on today's SuperDraft, now well-enshrined as Major League Soccer's first major event on the calendar and the sort of media circus only surpassed by the All-Star and MLS Cup weekends. Most of my afternoon will be occupied by a full slate of writing duties for, but I'll do my best to pop up here occasionally and post thoughts, reactions, memorable happenings and the like.

Thanks for surfing in this direction -- and remember that from now on, it's a two-way conversation! Please drop a line at any time if you've got questions or observations of your own.

Welcome to the blogosphere Charlie!
Best of luck with it, Charlie.
I enjoy your writing. Welcome.
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