Friday, January 18, 2008


The Commish talks expansion

During one of his breaks from draft announcement duties at the podium, MLS Commissioner Don Garber popped into the media area to answer a few questions from the ink-stained wretches.

Garber is as smooth as they come in this business, always ready to answer a dumb question -- or adeptly defuse a tough one -- and he's more patient than most of us would be in the process. Future expansion locations are on the mind of many and while everyone's talking about St. Louis and Philly, I couldn't resist a mischievous query about when MLS is going to reward Baltimore and its passionate, deeply rooted soccer community with a franchise of its own.

Garber wasn't biting, though...

“I think it’s DC turf," he said. "Right now this club [DC] is really a regional team – we don’t have a team south of Washington, DC. We’re going to potentially have a team just north of here, in Philadelphia, some time in the next couple of years. My view is that this is part of the DC catchment.

"Our focus is filling in those places where we really need teams. And we need to be south of here, that’s why we’re focused on Atlanta and Miami. We need to fill in the Midwest – that’s why St. Louis is in the mix – and in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got a team coming on in Seattle, but perhaps north of there in Vancouver. South of LA, in San Diego at some point. So there’s a lot of opportunity. I wouldn’t have thought this a couple years ago."

Shoulda asked him to take his shirt off.
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